jessie jeanne & dancers

performance research laboratory


Supporting the work of Boston-based Artistic Director & Choreographer Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, Jessie Jeanne & Dancers (JJ&D) is a rigorous creative laboratory and project-based performance collaborative for visceral and somatic research, via contemporary dance making practices. JJ&D also provides educational opportunities for early career performers and makers by offering educational programming through workshops and residencies, allowing young New England artists to grow and contribute to artistic discourse.

Jessie Jeanne Stinnett
Artist Statement

"My work is overtly personal. It conjures up the most intimate of intimates in sometimes palatable, sometimes less palatable ways. Grounded in the body through mechanics of yoga and improvisation, the movement is the physical trace of the philosophical question as it spirals through the air. The questions themselves arise from the subjective experience of internal and external events and spaces. The daily movement practice that underscores the work is like the breath: a circular process of energy being drawn in from outside, entering through the permeable body, diving through and altering every system, before making its way back out, rooting the experience into the earth. Once the initial question has been located, and a body part reveals the particular nature of its inquiry, the practice develops and eventually I am able to step further and further away from the immediate subjectivity of the fleshy experience as a way to critically meet notions of the metaphysical, transcendental, supernatural, and paranormal. I believe that this practice aims to bring me to an embodied place where I can more deeply explore how the body and mind simultaneously enact the perceiving, between the symbolic and physiological."


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