"Jessie Jeanne & Dancers, a local company, will premiere “Beneath Crystal Skin,” a conceptually driven performance that unpacks the complexities of being female, and pushes the academic boundaries of choreography.

The piece strives to bring the audience on an emotional and mental journey, encouraging exploration of themselves as much as the performance they are viewing.

“The central underpinning is there is something beneath the skin, and we are giving voice to it,” explains Jessie Stinnett, founder of the company. “It’s an invitation to the audience to not only be a witness to what’s happening, but also an invitation to consider where it resides beneath their own skin.

What’s happening, as Stinnett puts it, is a layered piece that touches the historical narratives of silenced women, the practice of consent, spoken word and improvisational movement. It also draws from the personal experiences of her dancers, including gendered memories and, for one dancer, participating in the Women’s March.

“What’s going on in our lives outside the studio is not separate from what happens to us inside the studio,” says Stinnett. “A lot of the subject matter has to do with things we’re reading about daily in the media, or what we are feeling on the streets, in our daily lives.”


Hannah Chanatry / WBUR The ARTery, '3 Radically Different Dance Companies To See In Greater Boston This Weekend" April 2017

More: http://www.wbur.org/artery/2017/04/27/dance-company-weekend-preview

"The last work of the night, Allemande, choreography by Marcus Schulkind and danced by Jessie Jeanne Stinnett & Olivia Coombs was a beautiful ending piece for the night. More classical in music and choreography, with the dancers presenting the long extensions and curving body language familiar to Schulkind’s work closed the evening on a performative high capping the 5th year series on a truly fantastic note."​ 

Tim O'Dell's review of JJ&D's performance at 5th Anniversary, Third Life Choreographer Series. February 2012 

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