Current Repertory

Beneath Crystal Skin (2017)

Choreography: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett with the dancers

Running time: 25 mins

Beneath Crystal Skin seeks to boldly rupture the superficial layer of socially imposed ideas and customs cocooning our authentic selves. Catalyzed by the play of childhood, the angst of teenage transformation, and tremors of the current abrasive political climate, the work activates stories that bare nude personal and collective histories of womanhood through the lens of sexuality. Via visceral narrative, the 25 minute quartet, performed by company dancers Olivia Coombs, Whitney Cover, Katie Lake, and Jen Passios, challenges the social frameworks that dictate our relationship to sex, offering a conscious release from our ingrained attachments to the systems that choreograph us. The creation of Beneath Crystal Skin has been sustained in part by the James K Spriggs Foundation, a donor-advised fund. The work has also received support from the New England Dance Fund from the New England Foundation for the Arts. Stinnett will continue to develop the work over the rest of 2017 and into 2018.

Allemande (2006)

Choreography: Marcus Schulkind

Music: Concerto, Corelli

Running time: 7 mins

Originally created as a solo for Liz Waterhouse (The Forsythe Company), Schulkind has recently adapted Allemande as a duet for Jessie Jeanne & Dancers performers Jessie Jeanne Stinnett and Olivia Coombs. 

Bodyspeaking (2017)

Choreography: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett with the dancers

Poetry: Sarah Anne Stinnett

Running time: 25 mins

Bodyspeaking is a collaboration between choreographer Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, her sister and poet Sarah Anne Stinnett, and the dance artists of Jessie Jeanne & Dancers. The piece gives voice to the silenced, and to what lies beneath the skin. Composed as a tryptic around three poems published by Sarah Anne, the work integrates text and movement via three distinct compositional lenses. At first, the dancers engage the story of Robert Frost's forgotten daughter, then Sarah Anne performs a solo piece from the perspective of the Biblical Sarah, Abraham's wife. Finally, Sarah Anne steps into the role of Muhammad who speaks to his beloved A'isha, the young wife to whom he never made love. In this final poem, the all-female cast embodies the multifarious surfaces of A'isha, as she is seen by Muhammad. They become contemporary archetypes of femininity -- inferring A'isha through gesture. 

dusk (2017)

Choreography: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett

Running time: 11 mins

“Put out my eyes, and I can see you still… 

without any feet can go to you… 

if you set this brain of mine afire,

upon my blood I then will carry you.” 

― Rainer Maria Rilke

dusk' engages the poetry of Rilke as a conversation between language, silence, movement, the body, and choreographic process. The resulting performance work weaves together three female archetypes who commune through beating hearts, breath, blood and will. Stinnett uses light to play with notions of invisibility, framing bodies, and capturing the moving image just as it slips beyond reach into darkness. 

duration (2016)

Concept and film: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett

Sound: Steve Roden

Running time: 12 mins

“But, then, I cannot escape the objection that there is no state of mind, however simple, which does not change every moment, since there is no consciousness without memory, and no continuation of a state without the addition, to the present feeling, of the memory of past moments. It is this which constitutes duration. Inner duration is the continuous life of a memory which prolongs the past into the present, the present either containing within it in a distinct form the ceaselessly growing image of the past, or, more profoundly, showing by its continual change of quality the heavier and still heavier load we drag behind us as we grow older. Without this survival of the past into the present there would be no duration, but only instantaneity.” 

― Henri Bergson, An Introduction to Metaphysics

‘duration’ is a conceptually-driven, live performance and film which borrows its title from French philosopher Henri Bergson. Bergson’s way of thinking in time proposes that the past, present, and future are all part of a fluid ecology of experience. The dancers explore this knife edge of past, present, and future as an experiential symphony, through repetition of action in juxtaposition with the concrete context of the past. 'duration' was created by Stinnett during an MFA course at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, under the supervision of Dr. Kirsty Alexander and Rosemary Butcher.

hive (2016)

Concept and sound: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett

Dramaturg: I-Hsuan Chen

Running time: 20 mins

'hive' is a live performance project in progress that engages with the subject of ‘misophonia’. Misophonia is defined as being literally “hatred for sound” and is a rarely diagnosed disorder, commonly thought to be of neurological origin, in which negative emotions (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds. The sounds can be loud or soft. Five dancers reveal a process of awakening and being awakened energetically, emotionally, and physically: triggering and being triggered, touching and being touched, moving and being moved by the sounds which possess and are simultaneously embodied by them. The creation of the work was sustained in part by Chisenhale Dance Space in London, UK.