Jessie's current research pursuits involve process-based performance work which is developed through improvisation, exploring auditory-tactile synesthesia and misophonia (selective sound sensitivity syndrome). This research aims to: 

1. counter the societal epidemic of not attending to moment to moment experiences in a physical reality of space and time, which ultimately leads to a separation of body and mind

2. to encourage authenticity of movement and expression by embracing the consequences of being ourselves

3. to explore the tension between internal somatic enquiry and external expression in performance through a process of making the internal experience visible and enlisting kinesthetic empathy from audiences, addressing the question of what it is to perform

4. question the notion of performance by testing the boundary between the visual and performative arts



MFA thesis 'duration: a translation of my body's poetics'

(forthcoming 2016) 

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.