Residency Activities

Jessie Jeanne & Dancers (JJ&D) is comprised of dance artists who have extensive experience in, not only performance, but in teaching, choreographing, and academia as well. As a result, every company member is treated as a co-creator and brings a multitude of skills into the studio. This allows JJ&D company members to work as a team in residency situations, diversifying the company’s residency activities. JJ&D can provide any or all of the following services while in residency. Please contact for more information and fees.



Excerpts or an evening length concert of JJ&D repertory. If the residency involves a commission for new work on students, the student performed work may also be included in the program. Performance dates can coincide with events at the college which might benefit from live performance, such as fundraising galas, banquets, or conferences. Please visit REPERTORY for information on current works. *Note: In addition to pieces listed on our site, we are able to teach repertory from Itzik Galili’s Chameleon.



Jessie Jeanne Stinnett (Faculty, Dean College) is the resident choreographer of JJ&D. Stinnett may choreograph collaboratively with JJ&D company members: Whitney Cover (Teaching Fellow, Harvard University; Faculty, Endicott College), and Joy Davis (Faculty, Boston Conservatory). Stinnett, Cover, and Davis may co-create new works on students over a period of a minimum of six rehearsals. All JJ&D works are highly influenced by choreographic practices present within contemporary dance in Europe and the UK, as all JJ&D co-creators have had extensive experience performing, training, and choreographing outside of the US.


Pre or Post-Performance Discussion

Public discussions allow audience members to discover more about the choreographic and performative concerns of JJ&D, and how the company’s artistic practices sit within the global context of contemporary dance.



Curated by Ilya Vidrin (Doctoral Candidate: Coventry University, Teaching Fellow: Harvard University), the symposium brings together theorists, designers, artists, performers, teachers, and makers to share dialogue about the critical issues and challenges surrounding JJ&D’s artistic process. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and presenting process-based performance works which straddle disciplines of dance, theater, and spoken word.

  • Somatically-informed improvisation and its role within JJ&D’s creative process.

  • The importance of socially-relevant art in the midst of a 21st century landscape.

  • European vs. American creative practices.


Masterclass / Workshop

All class offerings can be formatted to meet the needs of specific populations, including: students, professionals, community, and can be geared toward multi-disciplinary projects. Classes and workshops are led by company members. For company bios, please visit ABOUT.

  • Improvisation

  • Composition / Creative Practice

  • Contemporary Technique

  • Forsythe-inspired Improvisational Technologies

  • Pilates for Dancers

  • Somatically-informed Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

  • Experiential Anatomy for Dancers

  • Countertechnique

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Ballet for Contemporary Dancers

  • Dance and the Moving Image (Film)

  • Creative Writing

  • Dance History

  • Poetry+Dance Making

  • Vocal Performance Techniques



Sample Lec/Dem Format

  • Title: Embodied Expression

  • Description: The company performs excerpts of current repertory Bodyspeaking (2017), which highlight the collaboration between poetry, spoken word, and movement to tell a story.

  • Objectives: Some dance tells stories. Some are more like poems which suggest feelings through images. Some are simply moving designs in space.  Students will be able to think about and understand how characters can be developed and portrayed with words and movement (physical narrative).

  • Q&A: We engage students in positive dialogue to help them understand dance as a means of creative expression.

  • Sample Questions:

    • What was the meaning of the solo dance to you?

    • Did the poems help suggest the imagery of the dances?

    • Was the dance expressing feelings or ideas?


Program Details

  • Max # of Students: limited only by the size of the school's auditorium

  • Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Space Requirements: Stage or cleared floor

  • Available Dates: year round


New York City Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance:

(taken from Grade 5 Benchmark)

Developing Dance Literacy

  • Understand dance as a means of expressions and communication

  • Analyze, critique and communicate about dance

  • Identify and compare dance styles, genres, major works and artists

Making Connections

  • Understand dance history and the social cultural significance of dance

  • Connect dance to other arts and disciplines

Working with Community and cultural resources

  • Engage with community and cultural institutions, colleges and universities

Exploring careers and lifelong learning

  • Learn about careers in and related to dance

  • Value dance as a source of enjoyment and lifelong learning


Past residencies

  • Dance Complex (Cambridge, MA): Community classes with Jessie Jeanne Stinnett through the Deep Dance Series.

  • Dean College (Franklin, MA): Classes and workshops with Jessie Jeanne Stinnett in improvisation and repertory with current dance majors.

  • 3s Art Space (Portsmouth, NH): Over a two week period, the company rehearsed a new evening-length commission, and held public showings of the work in progress. The company engaged in a roundtable discussion with local Artistic Directors in an effort to fortify artistic links and resource sharing between contemporary dance communities in Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH. Jessie Jeanne Stinnett led masterclasses and workshops for professional and community dancers.