FRED  Head of Marketing, Chanel No. 5, London

Everyone is looking forward to each session and feels energised after it. I must say, Jessie is truly amazing and appreciated by everyone.

MEL  Lululemon Ambassador, Yoga Instructor, Canada

Jessie teaches from the heart with compassion and joy. Her dance background shines through as her Vinyasa flow sequences are woven together with grace. An excellent instructor with a real gift, who truly practises what she teaches.


KAT  Uplift Fitness Head Trainer, NYC

Jessie is a kind, attentive teacher whose calming presence makes you instantly trust her to take you to a new level. Her purposeful cueing combined with her creative zeal for the practice makes you both want to be her best friend and work harder for her. I’ve always walked away from her class feeling more knowledgeable about my body and empowered to tackle whatever life was going to throw at me next. 


ALEX Illustrator, Yoga Instructor, London

Jessie’s Yoga style is graceful yet very methodical. There is a great deal of body awareness, and an understanding about anatomy, which translates, in a nourishing flow. Her style of teaching uses a good deal of metaphors in order to understand how something should feel rather than rush through it.


You can tell that she has come from a dance background as her understanding of body muscles and co-ordination is very sensitive. Her approach to teaching others is gentle rather than direct. More like a guided practice rather than a set of routines. Her classes are diverse and adaptable to a range of body needs. Her approach is mindful and carefully balances the physical and psychological side of the practice.


BETHAN Real Estate Agent, London

For me, Jessie is the perfect yoga teacher.  It is evident that she is dedicated in her own personal practice, constantly deepening and evolving her knowledge and work, which makes her an inspiring teacher in whom you can put your full trust in class.


She takes care to ensure that she adapts to the needs of her students, incorporating not only different pace and levels of physical ability so that students/yogis of mixed experience levels can practice in the same class, but she pays real attention to individual's bodies so that you can practice around an injury or a particular difficulty.


Finally, I find her soothing in both voice and manner, which is very important for my experience in a yoga class.  She has a calm yet strong presence and genuinely seems to care about the people she teaches and about the wider practice of yoga.


BECCA Strategist, London

Jessie is a wonderful, energetic, sympathetic teacher who works in harmony with her students.  She has a masterful understanding of how to guide a class of mixed level students through their own individual practices.  Watching her teach is like watching a conductor lead an orchestra.


Jessie radiates warmth and has a natural ability to put her students at ease, she also has a strong technical knowledge of Asana. Her classes are varied, motivating and engaging, most importantly - always led by and coming back to the breath. 


I thoroughly adore practising with Jessie and would recommend her as a teacher to a student of any ability.